[Buyer Basics] How do I make a purchase on E-Halal2U?​

Step 1: From the Ehalal-2U Homepage, you may use the search bar to find the product you after, click on the Categories or simply tap any given product you see within the EHalal2U website. One you are on the Product Detail page, you may notice 2 options below:

  • Add to Wishlist / – Add item to your wish list and continue shopping.
  • Add to Cart – Add the selected product to the cart and continue shopping.

Click on the name of the product to view the details of the product. On this page, you can choose the quantity and variations of the product (if available). Click ‘Add to Cart‘ to add the product into cart. Click ‘Continue Shopping‘ to  continue shopping.

Step 2: Click on the cart icon at the top right of the page to go to ‘Checkout’ page to finalize your payment. In the checkout page, you can edit the quantity of the product or remove the product from you cart. Choose the method of collecting either by ‘Shipping‘ or ‘Pickup‘. You can also apply coupons and/or apply points to get a discounted price. Click ‘Proceed to checkout’ to confirm your purchase.

Step 3: Check your billing details to ensure the order is delivered to the correct address. If you are wish for your order to be delivered to different address, tick on the ‘Ship to different address’ and fill in the form. Click ‘Place Order’ at the bottom of the page to finalize your purchase.

Select your bank to make a purchase with and click ‘Pay’. You will be directed to another page to complete your purchase. Once the purchase is successful, you will be redirected to your order details.