Yes, you will able to receive your refund once your cancellation request is approved.

A notification will be sent through the email to inform you about the refund at the same time , the refund of your payment will be released back to you immediately.

If the payment was made using ATM Bank Transfer / Online Banking / Cash Payment at Retail Stores, E-Halal2U will refund the payment into your Bank Account immediately.

However if you made the payment using your credit / debit card, the refund will only reflect bank in your card within 7 – 14 working days by standard operating procedure from the banks.

When can i apply for a Return / Refund ?

If your order is still under “To Receive” tab, please proceed to request for return/refund if you:

  1. Did not receive the order.
  2. Received an incomplete product (missing quantity or accessories)
  3. Received the wrong product(s) (e.g. wrong types of spices, different product)
  4. Received a product with physical damage (e.g. dented, scratched, broken)
  5. Received a faulty product (e.g. malfunction, does not work as intended)



How do I request for Return / Refund ?

Before we begin, kindly note that you may only raise Return/Refund request after the order has passed Estimated Delivery Date or once the order has been delivered. Otherwise, the ‘Return/Refund’ button will be greyed out and you will be promted with the error message below if you proceed to click the button.


Here at E-Halal2U, we strive to provide all our users with Free Shipping Coupons to ensure a more seamless and satisfying shopping experience. You may calim Free Shipping Coupons by clicking HERE. If you have issues applying Free Shipping Coupons, it may due to one of the following reasons:

  • Free Shipping Coupons are fully claimed or by used other users.
  • You did not reach the minimum spend of the relevant Free Shipping Coupons.
  • You have used up all your Free Shipping Coupons.
  • You did not adhere to the coupon’s Term & Conditions.
  • Technical Issues.

In most cases, users are unable to uses coupons due to specific conditions of Free Shipping Coupons offered on our platform befire being applied during checkout.

Before using Free Shipping Coupons, you will need to identify Free Shipping Sellers as Free Shipping coupons can only be applied with these sellers. To identify Free Shipping Sellers, do look out for the Free Shipping tags on the product cover image.

For example, the product listing below displays “Free Shipping Min. Spend RM0” tag which tells us that this a Free Shipping Seller.


Here we can see an example of a Free Shipping Coupon. There are several things to look out for when using a Free Shipping Coupons.

  • Min. Spend Amount

The example above displays “RM 12 Min. Spend”, which means users will have to accumulate a minimum spend of RM 12 from the same shop before checking out. However, this minimum amount may vary depending on the ongoing campaign or coupons. Furthermore, RM 40 Free Shipping Coupons are seasonal and only available during marketing campaigns. You may receive a notification regarding this coupons which will be automatically added to your  email.

  • Type of Sellers Tag

In the example above, we can see that the coupon is applicable for “All Sellers”. Preferred or only Free Shipping Coupons. Kindly refer to the images below for more examples.

  • Validaty Date

Kindly take note of the validity date of Free Shipping Coupons as they may expire before you are able use them.

HELLO SELLERS! In order to ensure a seamless user experience in E-Halal2U, we will be migrating most of our seller-related articles to the Seller Education Hub.

The Seller Education Hub is platform that helps you learn more tips and tricks about selling on E-Halal2U and how to expand your business. You will able to:

  • Stay updated with E-Halal2U’s latest features and policies.
  • Grow your business by mastering our suite of features and tools.
  • Maintain strong operational performance with detailed user guides and tips.

Welcome to E-Halal2U! To begin your journey as a seller in E-Halal2U, please ensure you have completed the account registration with your number as any account without a phone number will not be visible to buyers.

There are two ways to list products as a seller, via the E-Halal2U or Seller Centre. Kindly refer to the information below on how to start selling on E-Halal2U!


How to list product from E-Halal2U ?

  1. From your E-Halal2U website, go to the ……..